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Expectations of task demands dissociate working memory and long-term memory systems

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Arousal modulates valence effects on both early and late stages of affective picture processing in a passive viewing task

Brain systems underlying attentional control and emotional distraction during working memory encoding

Can we shield ourselves from task disturbance by emotion-laden stimulation?

The effects of lateral prefrontal transcranial magnetic stimulation on item memory encoding

Functional differences in emotion processing during adolescence and early adulthood

Neuroimaging for psychotherapy research: current trends

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Comparable mechanisms of working memory interference by auditory and visual motion in youth and aging

Emotion regulation, attention to emotion, and the ventral attentional network

Emotion regulation by cognitive reappraisal - the role of frontal oscillations

Mindfulness and emotion regulation - an fMRI study

Negative emotional distraction on neural circuits for working memory in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder

Neural correlates of opposing effects of emotional distraction on working memory and episodic memory: an event-related fMRI investigation

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Stress shifts brain activation towards ventral affective areas during emotional distraction

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An expectation-based memory deficit in aging

Distractibility during episodic retrieval is exacerbated by perturbation of left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex

The emotional stroop task and posttraumatic stress disorder: a meta-analysis

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Distinct mechanisms for the impact of distraction and interruption on working memory in aging

Impact of emotion on cognition in trauma survivors: what is the role of posttraumatic stress disorder?

Resisting emotional interference: brain regions facilitating working memory performance during negative distraction

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The role of trauma-related distractors on neural systems for working memory and emotion processing in posttraumatic stress disorder

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Amygdala and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex activation to masked angry faces in children and adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder

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Left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and the cognitive control of memory

Neural correlates of dispositional mindfulness during affect labeling

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Brain systems mediating cognitive interference by emotional distraction

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Dynamic causal modelling

Trait anxiety impact on the EEG theta band power changes during appraisal of threatening and pleasant visual stimuli

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Lesions of the human amygdala impair enhanced perception of emotionally salient events